The Band

Kayona have been performing as a band for over 15 years and have developed an exciting and high quality sound.

Our set includes pop, soul, dance and swing music, which is played with style and top class musicianship.

The band consists of five members that can be augmented to include other musicians if required such as trumpet and saxophone.

Kayona are a group of five talented, professional and experienced musicians who perform as a five piece band, duo or trio. Kayona have developed a high quality sound offering an extensive and versatile repertoire of music. Kayona perform at weddings, parties and corporate events, playing only the best floor filling classics with something for everyone including, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Jackson Five, Bruno Mars, Jessie J and Pharrell Williams. Music styles range from current pop to Jazz Swing, and Blues.

Playing well over 600 private functions, Kayona have built a successful and reliable business, as reflected in our testimonials

The band offers:

  • 2x1 hour sets of completely live music.
  • Disco throughout the evening.
  • Performing first dance songs live.
  • A mixture of styles including pop, disco and swing
  • Professional musicians with vast experience of function work.
Kayona Band

  • On Keyboards : Band leader Matt Keane has worked full time as a music teacher and musician. He has worked with Swagger, Doggett Brothers and various Jazz projects.
  • On Guitar : Tim Ainslie has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting performers around. Tim has played in bands such as Swagger, Groove Doctors and King Bizkit.
  • On Lead Vocal : Rachel Dawson is an exciting professional singer and violinist who has performed with the Kayona duo and band for the last 15 years. Rachel has extensive experience of performing and working as a musician.
  • On Bass : Rob Palmer has played Bass guitar for bands such as Swagger and Albino Cubana. In addition, Rob is a busy Jazz musician, composer and writer. Rob currently runs Jazz East with guesting top jazz musicians from all over the country.
  • On Drums : Alex Best has performed as a top class drummer all over the world. Alex is always touring or doing session work. Alex has gained a reputation as a class act.